@feedmeimei x ecoü collab
@feedmeimei x ecoü collab
@feedmeimei x ecoü collab

@feedmeimei x ecoü collab

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Crafted and created for boba enthusiasts all around. The "Feed me boba" collection holds a special place in our hearts as we support one of our favorite online creators. Alyssa not only creates amazing food and boba videos but awesome food guides we find ourselves pinning. 

Each straw comes with:

  1. (1) Eco-friendly Kraft tube packaging
  2. (1) 'Feed me boba' re-usable boba glass straw
  3. (1) Cleaning Brush 

@feedmeimei | boba enthusiast

(1) Reusable Large Boba Glass Straw

  • Made of Durable Shatter-Resilient Borosilicate Glass (as used in Pyrex®)
  • Dishwasher Safe, Thermal-Shock Resistant
  • Smooth and Rounded Tips
  • Straight Straw
  • Length: 9”
  • Diameter: 14mm



These straws are intended for normal and responsible usage, and for consumption of beverages.  Children should have adult supervision while using the straws and are not to be used as a toy.  Although ecoü straws are exceptionally durable and stronger than regular glass, they can still break or chip.  Do not use if damaged or broken, and discard.  If drying or storing in a rack, it is recommended having the pointed tip facing upward.

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